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Welcome to GM Knives


FOR ONE YEAR FROM THE 17th OF JANUARY 2017 THERE IS A 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL KNIVES. 10 Years ago i bought a Knife Blade to put a Handle on. This got me thinking that i could make Knives myself so this is what i did. Over the years i have had a few set backs but i kept on doing them. I still have the first Knife i made and once in a while i look at it and think jeeze what was i thinking but hey i am still doing them.So this is why i am passing on to you this discount because G M KNIVES as been trading for 10 years so you guys get this discount as a thank you. All my Knives & Sheaths are made the old fashioned way, (with blood,sweat & tears!), by hand from scratch and using the best materials and they are all individual and unique items.

I only make a few Knives each week, and they should last a lifetime of Bushcrafting, Hunting or Fishing.


All ready made Bush craft Knives & Leather Sheaths are made completely by hand.

I use:: 01 Carbon Sheffield Steel A variety of exotic woods (please see individual items for more detail) . Good quality Leather.

All Blades are heat treated in a gas fired kiln to the manufactures instructions to achieve a r/c of 58 59

ALL KNIVES COME WITH A SIGNED CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY AND ALL MY KNIVES ARE GUARANTEED FOR AS LONG AS YOU OWN THE KNIFE (if the knife breaks under normal use) We can not cover any of the life time guarantee if the Knife has been used in the wrong way.

YOU CAN USE PAYPAL OR YOUR OWN CREDIT/DEBIT TO PAY FOR ITEMS ON THIS SITE (just follow the instructions on the check out page) Or Pay with card over the Phone