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G M Hatchet/Axe


Hand made Hatchet/Axe by G M KNIVES
So i have staarted to make these Hatchet/ Axes. made from 01 Crabon Steel as you can see from the photos i have not used the shiney Steel i have use the un milled Steel which give it a textured look. I have been testing these for a few months now and have got great resaults. Cuts through with great ease. These Hatchets are intended for all te small jobs that a big Axe is too big for (like chopping down a tree)

The length of the hande is 7.5" and made from Machiche or Black Cabbagebark held in place with strong adhesive with 4mm brass pins and a 8mm brass lanyard tube over Black Liners

The size of the head is 5.5" long and the cutting edge is around 3" is size. I have put a flat scandi grind so it will sharpen with ease. It comes with a Face Marsk that can be used as a belt loop to keep it on you're waist. Each axe/Hatchet weight around 1.5LB so not to heavey to have in your pack or on your belt

Ok now the small print as they say

ALL HATCHETS COME WITH A SIGNED CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY AND ALL MY HATCHETS ARE GUARANTEED FOR AS LONG AS YOU OWN THE IT (if the Hatchet breaks under normal use) We can not cover any of the life time guarantee if the Hatchet has been used in the wrong way.
Like trying to cut down a Oak tree and you break it. These are intended for limbing and Battoning of small logs