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The Raven

Thursday 23 March, 2017

I called Gary on Monday and asked about the new Knife he is making The Raven. After about 10 minutes or so with me asking so many questions I had made up my mind and made the order. At around 10am the next morning I got a knock at the door and it was my new Raven. On opening the packet I could see that Gary had taken some time and put so much work into making such a lovely Knife with Olive wood Handle Gary told me about it and that he would be listing it on his site in the next day or so. I did not have to think twice about it I bought it right away .I could not wait to take it out in the field. And I can tell you it stood up to what ever I put it through from making feather sticks to battening a 6" log. It was sharp when new and still very sharp now. The fit of the handle in my hand is very nice and sits just great. So all in all if any of you people are looking for a very good Knife at a great price I would go and have a chat with Gary you won't be disappointed
Darren Gilbert
Testimonial By: Darren Gilbert

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