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The Raven

Friday 22 September, 2017

First of all let me say how accommodating Gary is to the left handed of this world! I bought a knife available now knife, a quick email and the right handed sheath was replaced with a lefty one, no questions asked! Cheers mate.

So I bought my Raven knife a couple of months back and could have written a review the day it I got it. Beautifully crafted, razor sharp and feels great in the hand, but did it perform??

You bet it did!! I've thrown everything at this knife. Used a ferro steel on the back of the knife great angle on the spine throws a lot of sparks.

Battoned with it, no folding of the edge or warping in the blade

I've done delicate carving with it (even though it's not really for that, but still performed)

Carved and cut seasoned and green wood with it deals with both equally as well.

Still not stroped it the edge is still holding great

If I've ever add another to my collection it will definitely be one of Gary's

Amazing work thank you
Testimonial By: Ian Monaghan

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