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Timberwolf in Olive Wood

Monday 11 December, 2017

I became curious after seeing the youtube video about how it survived the brutal tests it was put through. I was hooked after that and had to have one. Now I cannot see myself with out it as part of my wild camping/bushcraft kit. I am a tall person and have large hands and this knife fits perfectly in it. Since I bought it I have only had to sharpen it once and it has survived battening, carving and everything else I have thrown at it. Also when I show others the knife I have, they say they wished they had bought one instead. Most say in truth they want a Sandy knife but to be brutally honest they are a collectors item not a no-holds-bar use-it-for-everything knife. I am so happy to own my 'Gary Mills' Timberwolf and recommend them to everyone. Not sure if you can buy them anymore but if you can...its a must have extension of your hand and arm. Thanks Gary...you have made my...
Testimonial By: Chris Clarke

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